Monday, 28 August 2017

Justice AYAH Paul Abine's Death Hoax. Son Shuts Down Rumours

Rumours have have been hitting social media again, on the death of Southern Cameroons Legend Justice Ayah Paul Abine, suffering under the evil weight of Cameroun's injustice, at the SED prison, since January 21st 2017.

Justice Ayah Paul Abine is still alive, though his health is weak due to poor detention conditions and he will be alive till he sees the fruits of his sacrifice.

His son Abine Ayah Ayah, took to his Facebook wall, to shut down the rumours of his father's passing away, and makes us understand the source of this rumour, which is from nowhere else,  other than where we all know.

We remain in prayers with the Ayah's family, and the families of all other Southern Cameroonians in the same situation, as we expectantly await the triumphant results of our struggle, which Pa Ayah and the rest are dying for.

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