Monday, 21 August 2017

John Suh Dies In Gendarmerie Custody In Kumba

A man whose name we got  as John SUH  is reported to have died under detention.

Sources close to the deceased relays that on Friday August 18, some 5 Gendarme Officers bashed into his house and dragged him out into their car.

They took him straight to their office at Buea road Kumba, and locked him up without taking down his statement.

Mr. Suh was in a critical health condition during his arrest, and despite pleas from his daughter Jessica and other relatives to have him released even on bail because of his health, the gendarmes who had collected bribe to have him in their net refused.

Family sources say John Suh had a land dispute with one of his neighbours who is financially stronger than him, and it is based on his influence that Mr. Suh was arrested and detained illegally.

The unexpected happened this morning August 21st, 2017 John Suh who was languishing in the gendamerie cell, slept and never woke. 

His body is lying in one of the cold drawers of the Kumba District hospital.

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