Monday, 14 August 2017

Grace Mugabe To Be Charged For Assaults As Law Experts Say Diplomatic Immunity Will Not Protect Her

Following allegation that Zimbabwe's First Lady  Grace Mugabe assaulted his son's girlfriend on Sunday night in a hotel in South Africa, concerns have been raised on whether she would receive diplomatic immunity or not.

The victim Gabriella Engels, 20, claimed while narrating her ordeal that Mrs. Mugabe 'split her head open in 3 places, and used the plug of of an extension cord to hit her'.
Gabriella who's twitter handle is Gah-bee twitted the incident as it happened, suscitating reactions from other twitter users, over concerns as to whether diplomatic immunity will protect Zimbabwe's land lady.

A South African criminal lawyer and the Department of International Relations and Cooperation(DIRCO) said diplomatic immunity WILL NOT apply in this case.
DIRCO spokesperson Clayson Monyela said Grace Mugabe would not receive diplomatic immunity.
"Firstly‚ for it to apply‚ she needs to be here on official business. It won't apply if she's here on holiday or for something else‚" he said.
"Secondly‚ as a First Lady‚ she's not part of government or a government official. It doesn't apply just because she's the wife of a president‚" Monyela said.
South African Criminal law expert Ulrich Roux also dismissed the idea that diplomatic immunity would apply.
He said a president or their spouse was just another foreign citizen. However‚ some Twitter users weren't that confident.
@Peter_Mphahlele said: "Im still shocked that ppl thnk the law stil applies 2 evry citizen in the world. Grace Mugabe won't get a single charge. Diplomatic immunity."
Twitter user @matphosha said: "Grace is applying Zimbabwean law of strike first ask questions later even when she is in SA. Must be nice to have diplomatic immunity."

Asked by a twitter user whether the Mugabe's sons could not save her from their mother's fury, Gabriella said: 'Robert Junior was put out of the hotel, while the other Bellermine ran for his life'.

As at press time, HTL  visited Gah-bee's twitter handle and her most recent tweet says she is trying to be strong.

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