Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Government Orders Mass Arrest Of Recalcitrant Parents Come Sept.4 2017 in OPS SERESCO 17/18

Image result for photos of cameroon military in the anglophone regions

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Closed door sources relay that the close to 1400 soldiers deployed to the English speaking regions in what government terms 'OPS SERESCO 17/18' (Operation Secure the 2017/2018 School resumption), among other tasks, will go from town to town, quarter to quarter, and home to home to fish out children and force them to school.

Parents whose children will be found at home during the rampant search will be arrested and jailed.

It is very difficult to say what will happen, but the instructions to the soldiers from above is 'leave no child at home, and spare no stubborn parent' .

This operation is said to begin come Monday 4th September, 2017.

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