Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Fight Against Coruption: CONAC Catches Law Enforcement Officers Pants Down Collecting Bribe At A Checkpoint In Ebolowa

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A team of  the National Anti Corruption Commission (CONAC) led by its Vice President Pr François Anouka, last Friday July 4, together with other authorities, decided to make a spot  checks to Nnemeyong 1, a village situated 10 km from Ebolowa in the South Region, and on their way, they caught officers of the law pants down, collecting money from drivers.

From afar, the CONAC team watched a Chief Adjutant of the gendamerie and a female Police inspector sitting at the entrance of the check point, not far from where they have blocked the road to control both commercial and personal vehicles, arguing with an urban bus transporter, who apparently had all his documents, including the bordereau that had his passengers names on, but the duo forced him to water their mouths.

After arguing for long, the driver pulled out 2000 F CFA, and gave them. It was only then that the road was free for the grumbling driver to continue his trip.

The CONAC team, that was discreetly watching the scene, stopped the driver before he sped fast, and questioned him of what his problem with road law enforcement officers was. The driver lashed out that: 'I went to the check point to pay for the road''.  He further went on to reveal the amount paid by transporters at every check point, for the five, that are along the Sangmelima Ebolowa highway, which is  just 30 km.

According to 'le Messager' newspaper of Monday August 7, 2017, reporting the incident, other road users of Mengong, confirmed that, whether you have your documents in order or not, you must pay 2000 FCFA to the Gendamerie Road Brigade, 2000 F CFA at every check point with mix control, and the same 2000 F CFA at the entrance of Mengong, just after the tollgate.

The CONAC officials who took down the declarations of the driver and other users, and also the names of the law enforcement officers, before continuing their mission to the other checkpoints.

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