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The Most Blessed Virgin Mary Appears In The Sky After Bishop Bala's Requiem Mass At The Our Lady Of Victory Cathedral Yaounde. Video

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The Most Blessed Virgin Mary Appears In The Sky After Bishop Bala's Requiem Mass At The Our Lady Of Victory Cathedral Yaounde. Video
It was exactly 10 a.m Yaounde time this Wednesday August 2nd, 2017, when the tight sealed coffin of 'MURDERED' Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala left the grand entrance of the Yaounde General Hospital Morgue, to the chapel.

In a brief emotional church service attended by States men headed by Minister Laurent Esso, who came in for President Paul Biya, junior and senior clergymen men and women of the Catholic faith and relatives of the deceased, the Chief celebrant begged God to accept the soul of his Lordship Bishop Bala.

The body was then conveyed to the Our Lady of Victory Cathedral Yaounde, where a requiem mass was said in his honour. During the homily, His Lordship Bishop Akonga Essomba Joseph, former Secretary General of the National Episcopal Conference and friend of the late prelate did not chew his words, when he denounced and condemned the actions of the killers of Bishop Bala.  

In the presence of those who killed the prelate, and who were seated  dressed in suits and dark glasses on VIP seats, while others were hiding behind the cassock to mask their tails on the bench of the superfluity of the Clergies, Mgr Essomba said in a loud voice, drawing cheers of applause from christians present that: "Our Bishop was brutally assassinated!!! . Jean Marie knew how to swim! When we were still struggling to learn how to swim, he was 200 m  into the middle of the lake!. How then did he drown? Mgr Essomba questioned.

"All these because of power, whereas there is no violence in the real power. That power which most fake members of this church, fake priests have long sought after!! I am talking to those who hide in the dark to kill priests... How is the Catholic church disturbing you? You henchmen of Satan in the dark. You cannot do anything to those whom the Lord has chosen" He further hammered.

At the end of the requiem mass, while the remains of Bishop Bala was being ferried out of the church for it to begin its last journey to Bafia, an extra ordinary scenario happened between the Heavens and the earth. 

The clouds changed its colours. The bright sun suddenly went dull, as the clouds moved mysteriously, changing colours, in the eyes of all present. Some even saw the image of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, as the population cried aloud in amazement, wondering at this sign, that was just indicating that 'a Martyr had died, and that the gates of heaven have been opened to him'.

Watch the video of the mysterious apparition below:

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