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Attempted Plot To Assassinate Liberian's CDC Strongman George Weah By The Ruling Party Flops

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Attempted Plot To Assassinate Liberian's CDC Strongman George Weah By The Ruling Party Flops

The national youth wing of Liberia's main opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)  is accusing Defense Minister Brownie Samukai and Businessman George Bobby Kailondo of the ruling Unity Party(UP) of allegedly hiring assassins to kill presidential candidate Senator. George Manneh Weah on the day the CDC launched its campaign rally, 19 August.

Sources say on Wed Aug. 23rd some self proclaimed assassins, most of whom are known to the public as 'hardcore criminals' revealed during a news conference that that were hired by some executives of the Unity Party(UP), to assassinate the  CDC opposition party leader.

Many has been wondering why the UP wants to kill the CDC strong man.

The self-named assassins who include Long John, George Ousumana alias ‘Ivorian’ and Mustapha Sesay proudly told journalists clandestine activities or plots they have been hired to carry on since 2014 by some officials of government and outside of the government.

Liberians and security officers who have seen the photographs of those conspirators alleged that the men are dangerous when it comes to criminalities across the country.

When the UP was contacted on the allegation levied against its executives, party chair Mr. Wilmont Paye said that the CDC should take its case to the police. As for Kailondo,  he denies having link with the alleged three men, describing the information as a mere joke from the CDC camp.
Kailondo adds that the CDC should focus its attention on the ongoing campaign and the defeat that awaits the party at the October 10. But CDC youth wing spokesman Alvin Wesseh claims that the arrangement was that the assassins should dress in UP T-shirts and walk through CDCians when Sen. Weah is about to address his supporters as a way of provoking anger to incite riot that could result to gunfire.
Alleged hired assassin George Ousumana alias Ivorian says that deal was sealed with Mr. Kailondo, with whom they allegedly worked on several occasions. Ivorian claims that Mr. Kailondo promised to give them US$10,000 after the assassination deal is accomplished.

He also said Kailondo initially provided L$10, 000 for them to smoke drugs and drink some alcohol, in addition to 150 UP T-Shirts Kailondo provided to be used during the operation.
According to Ivorian, following the discussion at kailondo's house along the Roberts International Airport (RIA) Highway, they concluded that the deal was not in the interest of the country and that Weah has done no evil to them or anyone to deserve such treatment.
He claims that it was on the basis of this judgment that they chose not to carry out the plan. He alleges that they initially discussed on engaging the police, but realizing that the police is part of the government, they concluded that it would have been a dangerous risk to take.
Meanwhile, sources within CDC corridor say Senator Weah and some officials of the party have already contacted President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, authorities of the United States Embassy near Monrovia, the African Union, European Embassy, United Kingdom Embassy and ECOWAS about the reported threat.

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