Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Another Ugly Twist About The Mbengwi Explosive Arrest That Proves It Was A Propaganda. The Victim Has Disappeared

Martha Akom Fomunyoh, the hardworking lady framed and held in captivity by the oppressive regime

The lone lady among the gang of Dasi AlfredMartha Akom Fomunyoh, who government alleged were arrested with Explosives in Mbengwi,  has disappeared from custody.

Contrary to what government reported that she was arrested among the gang of Dasi Alfred, reliable  sources  say the 44 years old bar owner and mother of three, was in the presence of her kids, her sister Bridget and her aunt Christina Tah, when the drama started.

Her family explains that on that fateful morning of  August 3 2017, two customers came to buy drinks from Martha's beer parlour. The drinks they ordered were not in stock, and besides, Martha said she couldn't attend to them because her aunt Christina Tah had come visiting.

The men left on a commercial motor bike, and few minutes later two uniform officers showed up, asking for the two men who had just left. Someone pointed the direction they had taken, and the uniform officers went after them and caught them.

An instant search was carried out on them, and only Southern Cameroons membership cards were found on them. No gun, no weapon as claimed by the government. They were whisked off straight to the charge office.

At about 10:30 a.m. that same morning, another group of police men came knocking on Martha's door, under the pretext that the SDO wanted to have a chat with her, and she ignorantly went with them. They later brought her back, and went to search every corner of her house.

They turned everything up-side-down looking for what God alone knows, and when they found nothing, they asked her to follow them so that she could answer some questions as well.

After her family waited for her return in vain, they went to the charge office in Mbengwi, where they where told Martha had been taken to the Bamenda judicial police station.

Joel and Elias brothers of Martha and Bridget her sister continued their search right up to Bamenda. The officers on duty said no one with the name Martha Akom Fomunyoh  had been brought there, but Bridget outsmart them, and greased the palms of one of them, who took she and her brothers to where their sister was.

Martha had been badly tortured, and Bridget says she could hardly recognize her sister who had bruises all over her body and swollen eyes filled with blood.

That was the last time they saw Martha, as news later reached them that she had been ferried to the Yaounde Kondengui Central Prison.

On Monday August 7, they went to check on her in Kondengui, but were told that she had been taken to SED, where all attempts to get in touch with her have failed.

Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary during his Press Outing of August 9 2017, said Martha and Dasi's group were arrested with explosives, as they were making plans to attack Cameroun.

Truth is, the government once again is detaining and torturing another innocent citizen, under the false propaganda to sabotage the ongoing anglophone struggle.

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