Thursday, 17 August 2017

Another Cameroonian Lady Bertilla Gooh Tantoh In The US, Arrested For 'Theft By Deception' A Third Time

Another Cameroonian Lady Bertilla Gooh Tantoh In The US, Arrested For 'Theft By Deception'  A Third Time
This week seems to be a bad one for Cameroonian ladies in the United States, carrying out fraudulent operations.

The shocking news of Marie Neba, a resident of Texas in the US who was slammed a 75 years jail term for  role in a $13 million (7,257,740,953 F CFA - Seven Billion Two Hundred and Fifty Seven Million Seven Hundred and Forty Thousand, Nine Hundred and Fifty Three Francs) Medicare fraud scheme, is still hard to swallow, and here comes another scandal of a certain Bertilla Gooh Tantoh, who was arrested for the third since the start of this year, for 'Theft by Deception'.

Bertilla Tantoh was arrested and  taken into custody on August 9, 2017 in Utah County, Utah in the USA for 'Theft by deception'.

Sources say Bertilla's second arrest this year was in May, on reports of 'fraudulently cashing wire checks and trying to fraudulently sell dogs over the internet'. Lehu police officers said a grocery store reported that Bertilla had been collecting money from Western Union several times, using different ID each time.

Police officers were given a Texas driver's license belonging to Bertilla, but according to police reports, the license was fraudulent, even though Bertilla Tantoh insisted it was genuine.

Police searched Tantoh’s vehicle and found 15 different driver’s licenses out of several different states, all with Tantoh’s photo on them, but with different names, according to the report.

Police determined she’d been receiving wire transfers after telling people online she had dogs for sale. Tantoh would arrange for dog sales online and ask for a money transfer before the dog could be sold. She would then pick up the money transfer using various identities, but a dog was never sold, reports state.

She was arrested, while enjoying and spraying money in a baby shower, but  was released on bail after paying  $25,00013,972,401 F CFA, Thirteen Million Nine Hundred and Seventy Two Thousand, Four Hundred Francs)bail requirement. 

She has also been bailed out of her August 9, 2017 arrest, after paying  $5,000(2,794,914 F CFA, Two Million, Seven Hundred and Ninety Four Thousand Nine Hundred and Fourteen Francs) cash .

Online statistics shows that this is her third arrest this year, and one keeps worrying if she will be lucky the fourth time. 

'Bertilla sis, be careful'.

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