Sunday, 9 July 2017

Youngest Presidential 2018 Aspirant Cabral Libii's Slammed For Posting Pajama On Facebook

Cameroon's youngest aspiring Presidential 2018 Runner Cabral Libii, who initiated the '11 million registered voters' project, and who is currently in a working visit in the US, has been slammed for posting a pajama with his name labelled on the upper pockets on Facebook.
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Cabral Libii

This project is already a political spear, that has shot far, and attracted the attention and action of many, which is very much appreciated, but that he shouldn't go beyond that.

His supporters say the fact that he posted a pajama with his name labelled on it, is a sign of lack of humility and respect, and more especially it looks frustrating because it doesn't speak well of his personality, unless there is a hidden agenda.

Even though he captioned the image with 'J'ETAIS VISIBLEMENT ATTENDU' " I WAS OBVIOUSLY BEING AWAITED', many did not understand what he wanted to express by this, and they termed it 'An Irresponsible Act'.

However, someone probably from his Communication department, tried to address the issue, and looks like they were just trying to express their determination to go farther than the people thought, and to measure how far they have gone, despite contradictory slangs from detractors.

'Just a towel?????'
'They said we would not have enough money to print out T shirts, and we replied that we were going to handle it. They said our campaign will end on Television Platforms, and that we won't have means to go down to the field and to the grassroots, we said we will handle it, but they did not believe us. He has started going to the field right up to the United States.  Instead of T shirts, we offered him a pajama, and then they didn't know what else to say. 

Rest assure that if he is a candidate, when the time comes, he will have just one word, and he will have it 30 million times 10 in one day. But until then, if you are afraid that he will be elected, in case he becomes a candidate, you can still stop him by voting against him. But for that to happen, you have to register on the electoral list. Honestly, you have no choice'.

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