Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Vision 4 Journalist Ernest Obama Calls On President Biya To Arrest Social Media Activists, Criticizing The Government

A popular Vision4 Journalist Ernest Obama, presenter of the program 'Tour d'Horizone' has called on government to crack down social media activists who are against the government. 'Les Dinosaures de l'information' as he is fondly called, further went on to say if government can't get the culprits, their mutual friends or those who share their messages should be arrested instead.

He particularly pointed at four Cameroonian journalists, two of whom are in the US, one in France, who is none other than our friend Boris Bertolt, who identified himself openly, and said he was ready for any eventuality, and one in Germany,

The fame seeking dinosaure said he was ready to meet with the Minister of National Security for that.

 Watch video below.

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