Monday, 10 July 2017

University of Buea Students Protest Against Mayor Ekema Patrick's Fake Certificates On Campus

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Students of the University of Buea has engaged in a battle of fake certificates, with the loudest being that of the Lord Mayor of the Buea Council Ekema Patrick Patrick, who gained admission into the University of Buea without an Ordinary or Advance Level, which is totally unacceptable.

Rumours of Ekema Patrick's fake certificates made rounds, when the former Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea Dr. Lyonga Nalova  fished him out among over a hundred Support staff of the University of Buea, during the 'operation hunt down fake certificate holders' launched by the Ministry of Finance.
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Ekema Patrick's case was further investigated by the Regional Commissioner of  Human Rights in the Southern Zone in Southern Cameroon Mr. Christopher Tambe Tiku. Mr. Tiku's investigations revealed that the Lord Mayor of the Buea Council had only three Ordinary Level passed, and failed the Advance Level, after four attempts. Mr. Tiku gave a Press Conference in the presence of Pressmen in Buea, where he concluded that Ekema Patrick Esunga faked his certificates to gain admission into the University of Buea, where it is alleged he holds a Master, and is even a Support Staff.

Further investigations also show that Ekema Patrick has a PHD  acquired from a Azusa Pacific University in the US, and queries have been sent to the University to show prove of what the Mayor used to gain admission into their institution.

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It is for this reason that students of the University of Buea are calling on the government of Cameroon to take the necessary measures against Ekema Patrick Esunge, so that all those like him who use fraudulent means to gain admission into this admirable and reputable  institution are brought to book.

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