Saturday, 15 July 2017

Trouble In The Horizon, As Police Hierarchies Pressures The Church To Collect The Remains Of Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala From The Mortuary

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The nightmare of contradictions surrounding the death of the Bishop of Bafia His Lordship Jean Marie Benoit Bala, is putting the Catholic Church and the Cameroon government at loggerhead, where the State says the Bishop 'drowned to death', and the Church says the Prelate was 'Brutally Assassinated'.

These contradictions is already creating division among the Clergymen themselves, as some are 'ok. what has been done cannot be undone. Let us bury our brother and leave the rest to God', while the other group says 'no way, the truth of who murdered him and why must be made public, so that justice can take its cause  before we bury him. If not, the killers will continue to massacre us, and no one knows who their next target is'.

However, the State is contented with the Press Release of July 14th, 2017, that came through the State Prosecutor of the Yaounde Court of Appeal Jean Fils Klebier Ntamack, stating that the autopsy carried out on the body of the late Prelate by a Group of Interpol Doctors from Germany revealed that 'there were no traces of violence on his body, and that he might have drowned to dead'. The Press Release also read that 'body has been handed over to the church' for burial.

On their part, the Bishops of Cameroon presently rounding up the '11th Plenary Assembly of the Association of  the Episcopal Conferences of the Central African Regions' holding at the Yaounde Congress, declared through their President, the Archbishop of the Douala Metropolitan His Lordship Samuel Kleda during a Press Conference earlier this week, that 'they have not yet received the body' of their colleague, and also that 'a corpse does not disappear', while maintaining stronger than ever that Bishop Bala was 'Brutally Assassinated', and that they have proofs to back up their allegations.

It is in the light of this 'Catholic-Church - State of Cameroon brouhaha' that the Director of the Judicial Police Commissaire Divisionnaire  Dili Jacques, and the Chief of Service  for the Central Judicial Research Lieutenant Colonel Kaole Aleokol Serge, jointly signed a  letter to addressed to the Apostolic Administrator of the Bafia Diocese Abraham Kome, copying the President of the National Episcopal Council Mgr Samuel Kleda, and the Archbishop of the Yaounde Metropolitan His Lordship Jean Mbarga(who till date has been maintaining a disturbing silence on this issue), inviting them to come and collect the remains of the late Bishop of Bafia, and bury.

The letter that was written on Wednesday July 12 2017, outlined that the Vicar General of the Bafia Diocese was informed through the famous July 4th 2017 Press Release, that the body of late Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala has been put at the disposal of the Catholic church, calling on the church to make necessary arrangements for the corpse to be taken from government's care.

News from the Yaounde General Hospital Mortuary where the corpse is lying, says the State has mounted Police guard, to watch over it day in day out, but hum, I smell trouble

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