Sunday, 2 July 2017

The Mystery Why Paul Biya Left The Seminary For The Presidential Throne Of Cameroon

Paul Biya in 1949 in the . He is third from the right at the Saint-Tarcisius Minor Seminary Edea

It's no secret that Cameroon's Head of State President Paul Biya, was to become a Priest, if it were left for his father, who was a Catechist, and whose wish was to see his son on the pulpit winning souls for the kingdom of God.
But Paul Biya had his own dreams, and he has grown up with that life of a Seminarian in him.
But the reason for his change of destiny, is what Jeune Afrique magazine and every other person is questioning. Writing about  the 'the secrets of African Presidents in the youths', JA decided to write about 'the day Paul Biya decided to quit Priesthood', and in their extensive narrations, believes there was an unexplained  mystery behind President Biya's sudden change of mind and destiny path.
"Suddenly, even though his destiny seemed to have been shaped towards priesthood, Paul Biya dumped everything, for a reason that remains 'MYSTERIOUS' till date. He left the Seminary for Lycee General Leclerc  Yaounde, and enrolled in  Philosophy-letters '. JA writes.

"He got a scholarship that took him out of Cameroon to France, for his higher education, but he remained very closed and attached to religious officials, especially around  Louis-Paul Aujoulat, an influential missionary who was in Cameroon during that time, and who recommended Paul Biya to Ahmadou Ahidjo'. JA continues.
JA relates that, even after he became the President of Cameroon, Paul Biya has continued to 'live like a prince in the church', with a very 'reserved and calm nature', as though he were in the Monastery. 
According to the tabloid, even though Biya 'no longer plays the organ', he has remained 'keened to philosophy, Gregorian chants and the songs of the Great Bach', and 'visits the Pope almost every year'
To conclude, JA writes that Paul Biya works in a Presidency where 'women are excluded from strategic positions', and where 'keeping secrets is a  culture'. 
Truth to this, we all know that Biya is very reserved, but then why did he leave the 'Pulpit' for 'Politics?'.

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