Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Court Finally Sanctions The Billionaire Civil Servant Antoine Samba

Remember the Billionaire Cameroonian Civil Servant, former Director of Budget and present Inspector General of Administration and Budgets at the Ministry of Finance, whose mansion in Yaounde that looks like that of the  Saudi Arabian King, gave many Cameroonians heart attack, when it hit the net?. His name is Antoine Felix Samba cousin of wife of the Head of State.

Four months ago, we reported how he had rendered hundreds of families homeless in the Nkozoa neighborhood in Yaounde, by demolishing  their homes claiming ownership of a twelve hectare piece of land, that people have been dwelling on for decades. 
Victims of Antoine Felix Samba's wickedness took to the streets of Yaounde

On Sept. 4 2016 at the eve of school resumption, Antoine Felix Samba sent some heavy drugged muscular men at an ungodly hour to demolish a school and some houses on disputed land  situated  at  'entree champ de tir' Nkozoa in Yaounde.

"These strong muscle drug addicts were told not to leave any trace of their identity after the demolition. They beat up all those who tried to resist them, break and made away with cellphones of those who were trying to take photos of them and their actions. They told us that were acting on instructions of the cousin of Chantal Biya, the brother in-law of the Head of State, and that nothing will happen to them".  one agent told the press at that time

When Mr. Samba saw that the occupants were determined to fight him and that they had invited the SDO to the site, he said he was going to compensate them, but reemerged few days later claiming that the land was requisitioned by the State, and that he was acting on instructions of the Head of State

Antoine Felix Samba went ahead, and erected a wall on the site, using his financial powers and connection to push the people completely out of the site.

One courageous victim Samuel Sadja Kam, and his brothers swore that they would rather die than allow their inheritance left for them by their late father taken away from them by the stingy Antoine Felix.

They took the matter to court, and explained how their late father inherited that land from his own father, and how he also gave it to them as a family inheritance, with supporting documents backing their claims.

After through investigations and strong hearing, the court ruled in their favour to the disgrace and shame of the parsimonious Antoine Felix Samba, ordering him to stop the real estate he was already erecting on the hand, and hand it back over to its rightful owners with immediate effect, or else face the bad side of law.

This is one of the first decisions taken by a fearless judge in Cameroon in favour of poor and the low, at the detriment of his job.

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