Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Catholic Church Helplessly Collects The Remains Of Late Bishop Of Bafia From The Government

The Catholic church has finally accepted the remains of the late Bishop of Bafia that it was refusing to collect from the hands of the government, on account that they cannot bury him until the government revealed the outcome of the investigations relating to death of the Prelate. 

A few days ago, things were getting more tensed, especially with the arrival of  the Interpole in Yaounde to solidify the post mortem examinations.

The preliminary results of the investigations made public in a Press Release of yesterday July 4 2017 by the State Counsel General of the Court of Appeal for the Center Region was shocking and surprising to all, who expected  to hear how and who murdered the bishop.

The release rather said 'there were no traces of violence on the deceased' concluding that, 'drowning' was most probably the cause of the Bishop's death,  putting the church in a helpless position, and obliging it to accept that the Bishop drowned himself to death, making it vulnerable to accepting the remains.

It should be noted that His Lordship Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala was abducted from his resident at Gondon in Bafia on the night of May 31st 2017 around 10:40 p.m. His lifeless body was discovered 48 hours later at the banks of the River Sanaga in the Ntsang village of Monatele in tyhe Lekie Division of the Center Region.

His shocking assassination turned the world upside down, and Cameroon Bishops during an Episcopal Conference declared that Bishop Jean Marie Benoit was 'brutally murdered'. 

Vatican sent emissaries to Yaounde to pressure the government of Paul Biya to bring light to the dark situation, and against all expectation, the government finally reveals that the Prelate was not murdered, but that he rather drowned, giving the church a moral pressure and obligation to accept his remains and bury him accordingly.

Excepts of the Post Mortem report as released by the government.

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