Thursday, 6 July 2017

Bishop Bala's Childhood Friend Sosthene Fouda Says Martin Belinga's Phone Call To The Late Bishop At 10:47 P.M, Led Him Face To Face With His Killers - Video

A video making rounds on Social media accuses Martin Belinga Eboutou Director of Civil Cabinet at the Presidency of being the bridge that facilitated  the killing of the Bishop of Bafia Jean Marie Benoit Bala.

The video was release some few hours, after the State Prosecutor of the Court of Appeal for the Center's Press Release on Tuesday July 4 2017, said that 'there were no traces of violence on the body of the Bishop' that was found along the banks of the River Sanaga in Ntsang Village Monatele in the Lekie Division of the center Region on June 2 2017.

The Press Release suggests a pssible drown as the cause of the death of the Prelate.

To Vincent Sosthene Fouda, author of the 22 minutes youtube video  titled "Libre de dire, libre d'assumer, de denoncer l'assassinat de Mgr Jean-Marie Benoît Bala". " Free to talk, free to assume, to the assassination, of Mgr Jean-Marie Benoît Bala", it is longer time to be silent on the truth of the death of the Prelate, accusing Martin Belinga of setting the trap that led the Bishop to his untimely death.

Sosthene Fouda says the State Prosecutor's Press Release is a 'whole pack of lies', affirming that the late Bishop left his house after receiving a phone call from the the Belinga at exactly 10:47 p.m that fateful May 31st 2017, insinuating that Belinga might have rang the phone of the Prelate saying 'His Lordship, I am in front of your gate'. 

According to him, the Prelate left his room, opened his gate and met face to face with his kidnappers, who took him back inside his house, before taking him to the slaughter house. Sosthene reveals that the late Bishop received another call(he was already with his killers) at 10:5p.m from a 'parent' because he answered the in Ewondo that 'I will call you back'.

Sosthene says the Bishop's kidnappers tortured and killed him at Belinga's orders, before dumping his body in the Sanaga river.

Sostene Fouda equally calls on Martin Belinga to resign from his functions and hand himself over to the law, telling the Delegate General of National Security Martin Mbarga Nguele, the Secretary of State for Defense Jean Baptiste Bokam and the State Prosecutor of the Court of Appeal Jean Fils Kléber Ntamack to resign and face the law.

Watch the Clip below

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