Saturday, 8 July 2017

Social Media Frustrates Cavaye Yeguie's Plans Of Stripping Off Hon. Wirba's Immunity

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Social Media Frustrates Cavaye Yeguie's Plans Of Stripping Off Hon. Wirba's Immunity
Hon. Joseph Wirba of the SDF from the Jakiri Constituency in the North West Region is still being protected by his Parliamentary immunity thanks to the social Media whistle blowing.

The Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril had convened an emergency Bureau meeting for today Saturday July 8, 2017, and in-house sources revealed that the main agenda was to begin procedure for stripping Hon. Wrirba off his immunity, so that he could be arrested for defending Southern Cameroonians in the National Assembly.

As usual, Social Media went ranting on the issue and once again the rantings seem to have caught the attention of the higher ups, as the Hon. Speaker of the House Cavaye Yeguie Djibril in his welcome speech,  condemned the loud noise of the Social Media. 

The Speaker continued his speech by tabling an unorthodox agenda of the meeting, which he said he convened so that the Bureau could talk about building a new head office for the National Assembly, as well as discuss on the proper functioning of the  Administration of the house. 

Participants at the meeting said they were shocked at the no agenda meeting, because according to them, there have been several complains and burning issues in the house,  that would have warranted the Speaker to convene the Bureau, but he never did and when he finally does, he tabled a no concrete agenda for discussions, omitting burning issues plaguing the Lower House of Ngoaekelle.

Some participants hinted that Hon. Cavaye was obliged to modify the agenda of his meeting, which was initially about Hon. Wirba's immunity, after Social Media took to the field.

Meanwhile reports from Jakiri say Hon. Joseph Wirba is being giving a heroic welcome back to his constituency in Jakiri, as he returned after many months of exile.

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