Monday, 24 July 2017

Samuel Eto'os Ex-Mistress Nathalie Koah Launches Her TV Channel.. NKTV

Nathalie Koah Television (NKTV) has been officially launched. The TV Channel was launched yesterday July 23rd 2017 at Circle Club Bastos in Yaounde, in a star studded ceremony graced by the presence of business men and women, politicians, media men and women, and actors from the cultural world.

During the launching ceremony, the  ex-mistress of goleador Samuel Eto'o Fils, made an emotional speech, that brought tears and cheers, on how far she has made it in life, with all the Eto'o/Fally drama/scandal, how she handled it, to became the Mary Magdalene of our time.

Nathalie Koah sprang to stardom, after the catastrophic crash of her foot and sex relationship with Samuel Eto'o Fils.

She had dragged Eto'o to court for allegedly publishing her unclad photos against her approval. Eto'o on his part also pressed charges against her for stealing his Rolex watch and duping him on 20 million F CFA on his project the Samuel Eto'o Fils Foundation.

The drama got interesting, when Nathalie saw she could not win Eto'o in court, and decided to tell the world her tragic love story and its cracks in her book 'Revenge Porn'. Thousands of copies of  book was printed by 'Maison d'Edition' in France, but unfortunately on the day Nathalie was to launch her book, a French Court banned its commercialization and circulation.

She appealed this decision, but the French court of Appeal, confirmed the decision, because Samuel Eto'o said the book was talking about his private life, and he did not approve of its publication,

Nathalie became guest of honour on all international media platforms, where she got the support of the public, who encouraged her to pick up the pieces of her broken life and move on.

Determined more than ever, she became a self made socialite with more than 200 000 followers on Instagram and Facebook, with whom she shares her tears and sorrows.

NKTV will be airing on entertainment, fashion, showbiz etc...

Video of the ceremony..

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