Saturday, 22 July 2017

President Biya Still Hesitant About Decreeing National Mourning Day In Honour Of 'Mundemba's' Victims..See Their Photos Attached

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President Biya Still Hesitant About Declaring National Mourning Day In Honour Of 'Mundemba's' Victims..See Their Photos Attached

It's exactly one week since 'Mundemba', the Logistic Vessel of the Rapid Intervention Battalion that was on its way to make some supplies in Bakassi sank off the Debuncha Coast, with close to 40 hefty soldiers and civilians on board. Thank God, three soldiers survived, to tell the story of hat happened, which we might never hear because they have been made to seal their lips on oath.

This catastrophe would have been avoided, if the ship was sailing under the required conditions and standards provided by the maritime laws. Devices like the GPS is supposed to have been fully operational, because that is what would have signaled danger, as soon as connections were lost with the landing port. Inside military sources say the vessel's life span had expired, and that it had not had proper maintenance for God knows how long. 

Such a great lose for the Cameroonian Military, with hearts of families, friends and loved ones, bleeding not only for the fact that they lost a son, husband or father, but more painful because their bodies might have been washed off to some strange shores, or are stucked in the belly of the vessel that is still to be pulled out from the deep waters.

Apart from the in-depth investigation of the eventual cause of the accident prescribed by President Paul Biya, Cameroonians are still awaiting on the Head of State  to decree a National mourning day to honour the memories of these falling heroes.

Below are photos of some of the missing soldiers.....

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