Monday, 3 July 2017

President Biya Sends Georges ZANG III Of Fako On Retirement, After He Has Seized Almost All Lands In The Fako Division

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The authoritarian dictatorial henchman SDO for the Fako Division Georges Zang III, has been sent on retirement, following a Presidential decree signed today July 3, 2017.

Zang III is known for his dictatorial administration, that has made the people of Fako fear him more than Aboubakar Shekau. He owns countless pieces of land that he intimidates chiefs to give him, in return for them to get favour from his masters at quartier generale.

In January 2014, he made a Law Enforcement Officer sit on the tar with his uniform at the Mile 17 Motor park, after haven made him kneel in front of taxi men, urban transporters and passersby.

In November 2014, he was accused of haven sold the land hosting the Limbe Botanic Gardens, together with chief master Bernard Okalia Bila, when Chief Epupa Samuel Ekum of Dikolo Village in Limbe III blew the whistle to alarm the sale. 

According to findings made, the land in question measures 3,400 square metres and is situated directly behind the Neptune Cabaret, stretching across both sides of the Limbe River right up to the bridge leading up to the Botanic Gardens’ main Entrance. 

Zang III  had promised to rain down brimstone and sulfur on those that were trying to flag his name red in that particular issue during a press conference, when he was addressing the situation.

His biased actions against the striking anglophone people, saw him initiated the arrest of many, and sanctioned press men and press houses in the Fako Division.

He recently threatened to dethrone the Chief of Idenau. Fako Chiefs are said to be raising their tall wine glasses, toasting and cheering high in the air for fresh air that will at least blow on their land, since his retirement announcement was made.

Georges ZANG III is replaced by yet another  to be discovered slave driver  Engama Emmanuel Ledoux.

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