Thursday, 6 July 2017

Peter Essoka Threatens To Nail SCBC TV Cable Distributors

The President of the National Communication Council Peter Essoka has threatened to crack down promoters of the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation Television(SCBC TV), warning cable distributors to take off the channel from the list of channels, because according to him, SCBC TV's vision is 'contrary to the fundamental principles of the state'.
Peter Essoka was speaking to media professionals recently in the North West Regional capital of Bamenda, where he described the distribution SCBC TV in the anglophone regions as 'Illegal, rebellious and clandistine'.

The SCBC TV is fast gaining momentum in the anglophone regions, and recently a cable distributor whose lines emitted signals of the channel was arrested in Ndop.
Peter Essoka, who is currently battling a lawsuit with Afrique Media for 'abuse of powers', has been on the hot list of critics recently, for his professional indecency towards the staff under him, and the job for which he was appointed to handle by President Paul Biya.

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