Monday, 31 July 2017

Paul Biya's Nephew, The Agitated CNPS Director Falls Flat In Shame As Details Of His 23 Million Francs Monthly Salary Details Surfaces

The recent publication of the exorbitantly high monthly salaries of Director Generals of parastatal companies in Cameroon, have been giving most of them sleepless nights, especially the Director General of the National Social Insurance Fund(CNPS),  Alain Noel Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame who after the publication, threatened to drag the Director of the newspaper that published his salaries to court, if they do not vomit proofs that he earns 11 0000 000 FCFA.

In a letter addressed to Director of Publication of  the newpaper 'La Tribune de l'Est Economie', Chantal Roger Tuile, immediately after the publication, Noel Alain Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame  who is presently under judicial investigation for alleged embezzlement and fiscal fraud, challenged the DP of the paper, to bring up evidence of his claims that he earns 11 million francs monthly.

To end his letter, Olivier Mekulu threatened the newspaper's Director that: 'I ask you to publish within 24 hours of reception of this warning letter,  evidence of the elements on which your allegations are based. Failure to do so, a legal action will be taken against you according to the law'.

The Newspaper has reacted to the Director of CNPS' legal threats, saying that he does not only earn 11 000 000 F CFA, but a whopping sum of 23 000 000 F CFA monthly with details of the man's pay package.

According to the newspaper, the CNPS man goes about bluffing and bragging how he is the nephew of Paul Biya, and how he is called Mekulu Mvondo, because everyone knows that the father of the Head of State was called Mvodo. "I will lock you all up. Tuile and all his cohorts. My friends of the CNC will dissolve "La Tribune de l'Est' newspaper, just as they did with the the other press organs that were disturbing us. People are joking with me... who is Tuile even? are they stronger than the Bishops? "The paper reports. 

The paper further went on to nail Mekulu the more, and instead of the 11 000 000 F CFA they reported about last week, they came out with deep proofs that the CNPS man earns 23 47000 F CFA(Twenty Three Million, Four Hundred and Seventy Five Thousand Francs).

Will Alain Noel Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame  fight back, or get his friends of CNC led by Peter Essoka to close down this media house as usual, or will he engage a legal battle?

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