Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Ni John Fru Ndi Sends Strong Warning To President Biya About An Imminent Civil War In Cameroon

Ni John Fru Ndi Sends Strong Warning To President Biya About An Imminent Civil War In Cameroon

The visiting United Nations delegation to Cameroon will have a hard time conveying Ni John Fru Ndi's message to President Paul Biya of the Yaounde Etoudi Unity Palace.

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) warned that he should not be held responsible for anything if the situation in the country goes beyond control, as the man in Etoudi has deafened his ears  to the various calls for the release of detained Anglophones.

Biya has snubbed all calls for him to release Anglophone detainees held in Yaounde prisons. The situation is fueling a lot of resentments in the Anglophone Regions. If the UN thinks that it can’t interfere in the internal affairs of a country, it should not intervene when war breaks out ….” The man of Ntarikom Bamenda  told the delegation.

Fru Ndi, was speaking to the visiting UN delegation to Cameroon, led by UN Electoral and Political Affairs Assistant, Pascale Roussy, and Francis Nadjita, UN Special Representative for Central Africa.

SDF's officials and the UN delegation also discussed conditions for credible elections in Cameroon.

According to Ni John, “the text creating ELECAM is so ambiguous and has set confusion between the body’s top notches. The Chairman of the Electoral Board and the President of Elections do not even know what their obligations and limitations are.  Quiet often, the two are confused and that is when conflict sets in. You cannot have two bosses who are always confused on who is supposed to do what”. 

On their part, the UN delegation said their mission to Cameroon was  to gather sufficient information on how the UN can support the government and ELECAM, to better organise next year's elections.

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