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Minister Of Arts And Culture Bans Gatherings Of Musicians Following CMC And SOCAM Merge

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Minister Of Arts And Culture Bans Gatherings Of Musicians Following CMC And SOCAM Merge
Cameroon's Minister of Arts and Culture Narcisse Kombi Mouelle has banned all gatherings of musicians, apart from that relating to the merging of CMC and SOCAM, whose date is still unknown.

The decision was made in a Press Release of today Thursday July 20th 2017, signed by the Minister himself.

The former two copyrights corporations; Cameroon Music Corporation (CMC) and the Société Civile Camerounaise de l’Art Musical (SOCAMthat managed rights of musical artists in Cameroon were merged after an agreement signed in Yaounde last Monday, July 10, 2017.  

The agreement was signed at Djeuga Palace Hotel in Yaounde by Sam Mbende on behalf of CMC and Moussa Haïssam and Messi Ambroise for SOCAM

According to the new dispensation, the CMC has absorbed the SOCAMThis fusion is expected to put an end to the internal wrangling in the management of author’s rights since the last ten years.

This merging is a follow-up of instructions by President Paul Biya in a correspondence of the Secretary General at the Prime Minister's office, Magloire Seraphin Fouda.

According to Minister Mouelle's Press Release, Prime Minister Philemon Yang chaired an inter-ministerial meeting in his cabinet, from the 11th to the 17th of July 2017, and discussions were centered on how to manage the various crisis plaguing artists of the music industry, as well as measures on how to end the crisis by constructively managing  the industry.

The release further states that during the inter-ministerial meeting, the PM validated the creation of a new structure, that will manage the  rights of musicians, and will regroup both the CMC and SOCAM, including all their other activities, thereby compelling the musicians to adhere to the rules and regulations of the new structures, that isn't yet operational. 

This decision seem not to have been welcomed by musicians, who say the government is trying to trample on them as usual, and thus were planning to hold close doors meetings, which Minister Mouelle's Press Release is prohibiting.

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