Friday, 21 July 2017

Minister Issa Tchiroma Says Amnesty International's Allegations That Cameroon Tortures Boko Haram Suspects Is A Way Of Discrediting The Cameroon Government And Its Army

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Minister Issa Tchiroma Says Amnesty International's Allegations That Cameroon Tortures Boko Haram Suspects Is A way of Discrediting The Cameroon Government And Its Army 

Following an image tarnishing report, accusing Cameroon of arresting, secretly detaining and torturing over 100 Boko Harm suspects, published on Thursday  July 20, 2017 by Amnesty International, Cameroon Government through its mouthpiece and Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary has reacted, saying 'the accusations are false and baseless, with intentions of discrediting the Cameroon Government and its military'.

To set the records straight in a separate confrontation, RFI spoke to  IIaria Allgrozi, Researcher in Amnesty International and Issa Tchiroma Bakary Cameroon's Minister of Communication.

IIaria Allegrozi explained to RFI thus:

"To start with, I will quote the statement of an ex-detainee who said 'we were treated like animals'. Some ex-detainees  told us about their detention as they were being beaten during auditioning, and were tied up for hours, and even days in a position that we call the position of the goat. These detainees were beaten by soldiers  and others were tortured to death . Amnesty International's report shows the use of torture in the fight against Boko Haram  in Cameroon as common practice.

These information was gathered from more than 100 cases, and this practices are common in military bases and in detention centers, managed by the security services of Cameroon in the fight against Boko Haram. We were able to identify more than 20 detention sites, where the tortures are carried out. Almost half of these sites are illegal notably, the BIR headquaters in Salak near Maroua, and a center situated in Yaounde not far from the National Assembly, administered by the General Directorate for External Research"

Reacting to Amnesty's allegations, Misister Issa Tchirom said:
'We are shocked by these accusations that we consider false, and whose object is to discredit our government and our army. Our Security and defense forces first of all receives all the basics on the protection of human rights, what ever the circumstance may be.

Any military caught violating human rights is demobilzed, and taken to the military court, where he he will punished for his actions. Amnesty International said they have the names of sixty officers caught in the act. Well, let them give us these names with convincing and concrete proves. With these, those involved will be made to face the military court".

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