Saturday, 8 July 2017

Mayor Ekema Patrick's Fake Certificate Scandals Leads To Discovery That He Holds A PHD From An American University

The whole world now knows that the Mayor of the Buea Council Ekema Patrick Esunge used faked GCE A/Level Certificates to gain admission into the University of Buea, and that he was among the more than 100 Support staff of the University of Buea fished out and exposed by former VC Dr. Nalova Lyonga, in the 'operation hunt fake certificate holders' in public institutions launched by the the Ministry of Finance.

When the Vice Chancellor put up his name out among the others who are currently sweating to defend themselves, the Social Media went hard on it, until it caught the right ears, who investigated, and got proofs that Ekema Patrick Esunge neither passed the GCE O/Level, nor did he succeed even in two papers during his four attempts in the Advanced Level.

Consequently on Friday, July 2017,  the regional commissioner of Human Rights in the Southern zone in Southern Cameroons, Mr. Christopher Tambe Tiku at the regional Human Rights Office, granted a Press Conference where he concluded that the Mayor of Buea Municipality, Mr. Patrick Ekema faked his certificates and got entrance into the University of Buea. He said his findings have been submitted to the University of Buea awaiting actions from the University. 
Latest development from Bareta news reveals Ekema Patrick's business card that says Mr. Mayor has a Phd already in Public Administration from Azusa Pacific University based in California in USA, bringing in another unanswered question of how he managed to get a PHD.
BaretaNews also  made known the contacts of this University so that those reading us should email, tweet and call this University to take appropriate steps: Website: ,Tweeter: @azusapacific Phone: oo 1 626 969 3434.

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