Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Mayor Ekema Patrick Might Depress To Death Following Fake Certificate Scandal Insider Says He Is Planning To Exile Himself

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Mayor Ekema Patrick Might Depress To Death Following Fake Certificate Scandal Insider Says He Is Planning To Exile Himself

Following the fake certificate scandal plaguing the loud mouthed and self made all powerful god,  Mayor and owner of the Buea Council Ekema Patrick Esunge, an insider close to the Lord Mayor says the Mayor is presently suffering from acute depression, and is planning to go on self exile to avoid facing the law.

'For the first time in the history of the almighty Lord Mayor of  the Buea Council, who used to boast how he wines and dines with Paul Biya and his friends, I have seen how low and QUIET he has become. He is having a severe break down. He hardly eats, he hardly talks to any one, and he can be seen talking alone when he is not with people. He is visibly depressed and might even commit suicide'. The insider told a friend.

The insider reported that when the first news broke out that Ekema Patrick Esunge had been fished out among other Support Staff of the University of Buea for using fake certificate, he rubbished the information aloud, saying his detractors are just wanting to rub his name in the mud, and even asked the challenging question 'you think say for enter UB na bread and butter?'. 'Do you think gaining access to the University of Buea is easy?. 

The insider also gossiped that one of his godfathers cornered him in private, and cautioned him to take necessary measures to clear his name off this scandal, but he removed the certificates that he had falsified, to gain admission into the University of Buea, and brandished it over the face of his godfather, saying the certificates were genuine. At this, the men opened a bottle of champagne and cheered to the detriment of Ekema Patrick's detractors.

'When the real bomb blasted with harsh proofs, Ekema Patrick was taken unaware. He didn't have the courage to face his godfather with whom they had popped the bottle of champagne two weeks before the bomb blast. He refused to talk to anyone on phone or in person, despite the fact that his family is being supportive by his side. We are afraid. We don't know what will happen to him. He might even commit suicide. He has lose weight, and is practically absent from the corridors of the council where he roared as Lion night and day before the scandal'. The insider hinted.

The issue went from bad to worse, when the Minister of Higher Education Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo, promised University of Buea students who were carrying placards to denounce the use of fake certificate in the institution during the installation of the new Vice Chancellor and Pro Chancellor of the UB, that he will investigate the matter when he gets to Yaounde, and take the necessary actions.

'Ekema Patrick who was at the ceremony ran back home with a 41 degree temperature of fever, and has not recovered since then'. Our informant told us.

He has however been advised to exile himself, for fear of what the law will do to him, as an example to his likes.

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