Friday, 7 July 2017

Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge In A Scandal Of Fake Certificates. He Has No O/Level. No A/Level But Entered UB Where It Is Alleged He Holds A Masters Degree, Proofs Attached

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Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge of the Buea Council forges fake certificates to gain admission into the University of Buea

Two weeks ago, we reported how UB Vice Chancellor Dr. Nalova Lyonga helplessly pulled out Ekema Patrick's file and exposed him among the close to 100 Support Teachers of the institution with fake certificates, during the 'operation hunt fake certificate holders' in government institutions activated by the Ministry of Finance.

The news was ground breaking on Social Media and unbelievable to many, who thought it was just another plot from the Mayor's detractors to rub his name in the mud. 

However, to be sure that it was just a sabotage, the Human Rights Commissioner Mr. Tambe Tiku, who was among the doubting Thomases, wrote to the GCE Board, requesting copies of all the certificates of the Mayor of Buea Council Ekema Patrick Esunge.

Surprisingly and shockingly enough, Social Media was right and accurate this time around, as it was revealed that Ekema Patrick Esunge, never passed either the Ordinary or Advanced Level, despite several attempts. 

The more surprising part of it all is that he gained admission into the Anglosaxon Prestigious University of Buea, where it is alleged he has a Master Degree and  is even  a support staff

In 1991, Ekema Patrick Esunge sat for 9 O/Levels, and was successful in 3. In 1995, he sat for 3 A/Levels, and had a 0 pass. In 1996, he repeated the A/Levels, where he registered 3 papers and passed in 1. He sat again in 1997 for the A/Levels, registered 2 papers and failed in all. In 2001, he wrote 4 A/Level papers, and recorded a 0 pass. In 2002, he was at it again, but did not answer present to write. Same in 2003, he registered but did not write.

In all, the student Ekema Patrick Esunge wrote the O/Level once and failed. Wrote the A/Level 4 times and failed all four times.

Gaining entrance into the University of Buea needs a minimum of  5 points. How then did he enter the University of Buea?.

Watch Mr. Talk about the discovery

Ekema Patrick's results
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