Tuesday, 18 July 2017

List Of Military Men Who Died In The Shipwreck As Colonel Didier Badjeck Attributes The Accident To Poor Weather Condition

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The Three Surviving Victims Of The Shipwreck

The turbulent waves  of the sea at the Debuncha coast in the South West Region of Cameroon are apparently calm, after swallowing 37 hefty soldiers of the the Cameroon Military on Sunday July 16 2017.

The victims who were all elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion BIR were en route to Bakassi to supply logistics to the colleagues on the Bakassi disputed site, when they met with their untimely death on board the Military ship that sources disclosed had not received maintenance services for God knows how long.
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The 'Le Mundemba' Vessel that sank on Sunday

According to a military press release, the vessel was LCM, meaning 'it was a ship that was designed to transport and offload vehicles'. It was placed in service in 2009, navigating between Limbe and Bakassi, on the Nigerian borders. It was transporting 'supplies and equipment' for 'civil-military' activities of the BIR in the peninsula, where the Rapid Intervention Battalion has constructed and implemented development projects on the conflict site.

Early information say the sea was very rough, high and violent on that fateful Sunday morning, and the weather conditions degraded abruptly, causing the vessel called 'Mundemba' to  sink unannounced at a.m, giving away 37 persons out of the 40 on board to the belly of the sea, sparing 3 to tell the story.
Colonel Didier Badjeck

Relaying what might have caused the accident to RFI Colonel Didier Badjeck, said 'poor weather' caused the ship to sink. "That zone is a particularly dangerous, and the weather can change brutally subitaneously. A heavy wave might have suddenly confronted them and capsized the ship. The Operation posts immediately lost touch with the ship. There was no alert from the crew. It is an accident that happened unannounced". He told RFI.

Meanwhile rescue operations are ongoing, with a team of Marine divers, diving in and out of  the deep seas, hoping to find more survivors, which will only take a miracle of the century to find another living soul inside the waters 72 hours after the accident.
Below are the names of those who are missing in the belly of the sea:

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