Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Konye Boys Sets Timber Truck Ablaze, And Watched It Ruined Down In Ashes

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Reports from Konye in the South west Region of Cameroon says strong boys(who appear to work for the Ambazonian  Defense Force ADF) have burnt to ashes a truck transporting timber from that area to the Francophone part of Cameroon for exploitation. 

The boys who are reported to have mounted a mixed contingent of Southern Cameroon Police and defense forces, led by the Ambazonian Defense Force at Konye, to intercept illegal felling and transportation of Southern Cameroons timber. 
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The truck in ruins

The forces stopped the vehicle but the driver, in flagrant violation of the laws of the Southern Cameroons sped off. Using laser fire, the forces shot at the truck and burnt it to ashes.

Konye is located along the Kumba – Mamfe road, in the Meme division, of the South-West region of Cameroon. It is bounded in the North by Nguti council, the South by Kumba council, the East by Tombel council and in the West by Dikome Balue.

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