Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Kenyan Politician Raila Odinga Begs Supporters And Voters To Abstain From Sex On Election Eve..Hum Na wah oh...

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Kenyan Politician Raila Odinga  Begs Supporters And Voters To Abstain From Sex On Election Eve.

Flag bearer of the National Super Alliance party in Kenya for the upcoming Kenyan Presidential elections Raila Odinga has called on his supporters and voters to abstain from sex on the eve election day August 7, 2017.

Likening the elections to war, Raila Odinga said 'sex before the day  warriors go to battle is a bad omen that could result to defeat'.

"We are going into a war and we must fully conserve our energies before the day of battle which is August 8," he said in Homa Bay on Monday July 17.

"None of us should have sex on the eve of the polls."
He especially called on men to abstain from sex, saying it would result in some of them failing to vote on August 8.
Women, he said, should not consent to lovemaking with on the night of August 7.
"All women should deny their husbands conjugal rights on the eve of voting," he said.
"This will ensure that we wake up early to vote and remain vigilant throughout the day until the results are tallied and announced."
It is not the first time the Orange Democratic November leader was discouraging sex at polls.
During the official launch of Nasa campaigns in Kakamega on June 3, Mr Odinga told his supporters to wait until after the election to enjoy celebratory sex.
"Dear ladies, tell your men to hold their horses until after the election and then you can have sex to celebrate our victory," he said to the amusement of the crowd.

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