Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Governor Bernard Okalia Bilia And Convoy Swallowed Up In The Mud Of His Failures For More Than Two Hours On Their Way To Lebialem.. Watch The Video

Governor Bernard Okalia Bilia And Convoy Swallowed Up In Mud For More Than Two Hours On Their Way To   Lebialem 

The Governor of the South West Region of Cameroon, the almighty local god and landlord Bernard Okalia Bilai will live to tell the story of how 'mud almost swallowed him alive' with his entire convoy last week, on their way to Lebialem to install the new Senior Divisional Officer for Lebialem Ugoh Zachary Cheitoh.

BIR Vehicle that tried to pull out the vehicles stucked in the mud

Eye witnesses relay that along the way, the Governor's convoy and himself got stuck in a valley of mud around a village in Upper Bayang as they made their way into Menji.
The Pickup leading the convoy stucked in the mud

The uniform men in the convoy tried to use their military muscles to push out the vehicles from the the depths of the consuming mud to no avail, and resorted for help from the villagers who were watching the scene amusingly.

The villagers gave the uniform men a categorical and blatant 'NO', saying they were glad the 'almighty Okalia Bilai himself got trapped in the mud', in an area under his jurisdiction of command(which he has deliberately ignored), as they continued watching the home-live movie of the century  with hilarity and ABSOLUTE pleasure.
The military guys sweating to push vehicles stucked in the mud

It was only thanks to a bulldozer, that the men were able to come out of the mud with their uniforms covered with very wet red ground and red sweat.
The Governor's own helpless jeep in the mud

The Governor, who had already sweated 0f 70 gallons of 100 liters sweat immediately ordered the bulldozer to grate the road before his return, to avoid the nightmare he witnessed for hours on his way to Menji.

Watch the delightful video below, raise your glasses and cheers with me...'Sipping my very cold glass of ORANGE wine 'to the sweats of the Governor'.

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