Thursday, 13 July 2017

Government Reports Confirm New Boko Haram Attack In Waza, Kills 14 And Injures 35

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Atleast 14 people have died and 35  injured in a suicide bomb attack in Waza, Logone and Chari Division in the Far North Region.

According to a Press Release of Thursday July 13, 2017 signed by the Minster of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary,  two female suicide bombers arrived the scene yesterday Wednesday July 12. One detonated her explosive along the main street of Waza where truck drivers gather, and died together with 12 persons, while the other who was going towards the BIR Camp of Waza to explode it, was intercepted by the elements, who killed her and  neutralized her bomb

All together, 12 civilians plus the two bombers died, while 35 others were wounded and are currently on intensive care.

Government call on all around that area to be vigilant, as the agents of the deadly sect are on the move.

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