Monday, 3 July 2017

Franck Biya, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, Some Law Enforcement Officers And Cameroonian Magistrates Dragged To Court In Paris By A Pastor

Franck Biya, some close collaborators of President Biya, some law enforcement officers and some Cameroonian Magistrates will be facing the law in France in the days ahead, following a case against them by one Pastor Nkoma, who accuses them of 'forgery and use of forgery'.

In a letter of June 21st 2017,  to the Head of State President Paul Biya, Pastor Nkoma Augustine, an ex-convict from the Kondengui Central prison, accuses 16 persons, among whom are Biya's relatives, his close aides, magistrates and some members of the forces of law and order for unjustly sending him to prison for six months.

According to 'Kalara' newspaper on kiosk yesterday Monday July 3, 2017, reporting the story, the Pastor accuses the group of 'forgery and use of forgery', 'illegal and abusive detention', abuse of function', and  'lies telling'.

The paper says on July 22, 2016 , Pastor Nkoma was arrested by GMI, and locked up for one week. He was later taken to the State Counsel, who sent him to prison,on account that he 'attempted to dupe' Mme Baroux, mother in law of Franck Biya, son of President Paul Biya and heir to his Cameroon throne

The paper relays that the pastor who is  leader of a certain association APAD requested audience at the Presidency through a letter of May 23 2016, in prepartion for the arrival of some Indian Investors to Cameroon. Among the delegation who were to accompany him during the audience, were the names of Nyangono Ebollo epouse Baroux, mother in-law of Franck Biya. This name caught the attention of Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, Secretary General at the Presidency, who after some verification with Mme Baroux, concluded that the Pastor was impersonating the people he claimed were to accompany him for the audience.

Pastor Nkoma was arrested and taken to the GMI, where he was sent to the State Counsel, who sent him to jail. 

During the various hearing sessions of case, there was no official complain against him, no prove against him, no victim or accuser, no witness, and no evidence to what he was charged with, but he was however found guilty and sentenced to six months imprisonment.

His six months prison term expired on February 10 2017, and haven suffered unjustly, he is seeking damages and reparations, and also wants his certificate of non conviction cleaned, as a way of proving his innocence.

Conscious that he can never obtain justice with the corrupt judicial system in Cameroon, he sought the services of Transparency International, who has filed a complain against the culprits in France, where the case will be tried, with the copy of the complain in his letter addressed to Paul Biya.

The paper also indicates that Franck Biya will also be confronted by the different French judicial officials for illegal acquisition of wealth.

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