Saturday, 15 July 2017

FECAFOOT Terminates Contract Of Contractor Constructing Multiple Stadiums Around The Country.. Another Reason For AFCON 2019 To Slip Away From Cameroon To Algeria LOADING

The Cameroon Football Federation FECAFOOT has terminated the contract of Prime Potomac, the contractor incharge for constructing the multiple stadiums around the country, in the towns of Bamenda, Bangangte, Bafia and Sangmelima.

The decision was confirmed during an Executive Committee meeting of the Federation yesterday Friday 14th July 2017, at the Mont. Febe Hotel in Yaounde, but reasons for this big decision have remained between the two parties.

However, the contract for FIFA's 'Forward' program relating to the construction of 'artificial grass fields' in the municipal stadiums of Bertoua, Ngaoundere, Maroua and Bafang still stands with the same clauses and contractor.

The 'Forward' program, is a 10 million US  Dollar worth project, with each association (FIFA and FECAFOOT) bringing in  5 million US Dollar. The project is dedicated to the investment of football projects( fields, competitions and women footballand will run for a period of 4 years.

The contract between Prime Potomac and FECAFOOT for the construction of 4 stadiums was signed in April last year, and was to run for six months.
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FECAFOOT Presiden Tombi A Roko Sidiki

Somewhere along the line last year Tombi A ROKO President of FECAFOOT set up a 'followup committee' to monitor work progress on the various sites, and motivated his actions by declaring that the contractor was not delivering the required results according to the terms of the contract. In his own words Tombi A Roko said:  "We signed a contract with a Contractor, and right now, we have discovered that the work is not progressing as expected, reason why we have set up a Committee to follow-up, and ensure that the job is properly done as scheduled".
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Ben Modo, Contractor of Prime Potomac

The contractor, Cameroonian born American   Ben Modo got angry at Tombi A Roko's declarations, and also went on air on Royal FM in Yaounde, complaining bitterly that FECAFOOT had not injected finances into the project for the kick off, and that he had been using his personal finances to push the job forward, something he said he couldn't continue to do,  because he himself had exhausted his personal resources.

Whatever warranted this impromptu termination of their contract with FECAFOOT, will be disclosed in the days ahead, when secrets will start coming out.

Another BIG reason for CAF to seize the 2019 and AFCON organisation from Cameroon to Algeria unfolding.

Read the Press Release relating to the termination below.

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