Thursday, 13 July 2017

Famous Gospel Singer And Pastor Don Moen Is Not DEATH. He Is Alive And Healthy

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Famous Gospel Singer And Pastor Don Moen Is Not DEATH. He Is Alive And Healthy

Yesterday  Wednesday July 12 2017, the Houston ChronicleTV website reported that American Song writer, Gospel Singer and Pastor Don Moen had died after a 'short illness' at the 'General Acute Care (GAC) Hospital in California', a couple of hours after he was rushed to the hospital.

Fans of the Song writer took to showering condolence messages on Social Media,  before Don Moe's Collaborator, Nigerian Contemporary music artist Frank Edwards debunked the hoax, tweeting a screenshot of text messages sent by Don Moen's son Michael that read: "Dad is great and it good health. That article is false and just trying to get people to click thru [sic] to their website. I’ll have dad post something on social media shortly so people know".

Don  Moen too took to his Facebook page and wrote: 'Every day is a new start. A new chapter to turn everything around. You have to let go of the hurt before you can start fresh'.

Further fact checks on the article revealed that there that there is no hospital called California's 'General Acute Care Hospital', and that the site even faked a tribute from US President Donald Trump that read, "President Trump also has expressed his tributes, saying, 'Don Moen was one of the best healing gospel artistes that the country has ever produced'".

It also reported that  Bishop T.D Jakes, who is yet to come to the grips of this shocking news described to local media how shocked he was when he heard the news. 'It was a massive shock to me, got so perplexed, just like a dream. I could not believe it at first because of the rampant hoax news dominating social media of late of which I was a victim. A call from his family member confirmed it to me but I am grateful that he’s in the bossom of the Lord.'-T.D. Jakes said'.

However, looks like that site is full of nonsensical baseless and misleading articles, because the two men mentioned above are quoted only on their site and no where else.
The end result is our Don Moen is still alive and very healthy.
Enjoy Praise Looks Good On You by Don Moen with me for he is still among the living.

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