Thursday, 27 July 2017

DG Of CNPS Fires Back At Reports That He Earns 11 Million Francs Monthly, And Threatens To Take Court Action

DG Of CNPS Fires Back At Reports That He Earns 11 Million Francs Monthly, And Threatens To Take Court Action

Director Generals of Parastatal companies, whose exorbitant salaries were published recently are in total panic, as the international media got interested in the subject, and has subjected Cameroon under a side eye of 'wow!wow!, what an irresponsible nation full of greedy old men'.

Threatened about the outcome of this shocking revelations, they are  trying to clean their names from the list, by denying they take home such heavy packages monthly, in a country that lack basic public health infrastructures and facilities, with the recent severe scandal of dialysis cases, where patients have died in their numbers because of lack of dialysis equipment and kits. A country where there are practically no good roads, talk-less of ordinary portable water. A country where unemployment is a culture. A country where the educational system is more than just questionable. A country were poor citizens are subjected to usually heavy taxes. A country that exploits its own people at the expense of a particular group of greedy individuals. And it is in this same country, where one man takes homet 45  000 000 F CFA home as pay package monthly.

Ashamed of this scandal of greediness, the Director General of the National Social Insurance FundNoel Alain Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame, whose monthly salary was tabled at 11 000 000 FCFA(Eleven million Francs), has threatening the Director of Publication of  the newpaper 'La Tribune de l'Est Economie', Chantal Roger Tuile, who leaked this information, to 'furnish the elements he used to make up the story about his salary figure, or face the law'.
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Noel Alain Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame's convocation to the Special Criminal Court

In a letter addressed to Director of Publication of the said newspaper, Noel Alain Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame  who is presently under judicial investigation for alleged embezzlement and fiscal fraud, challenged the DP of the paper, to bring up evidence of his claims that he earns 11 million francs monthly.

'This amount is totally the contrary to  reality. Anyway, the Director General of the CNPS, says this is totally false'. The DG wrote. 'This is certainly the case of the other Director Generals you mentioned'. He defended his colleagues. and furthered wrote: 'The Director Generals of these companies invalidate these figures, if they so wish'.

To end his letter, Olivier Mekulu threatened the paper official that: 'I ask you to publish within 24  hours of reception of this warning letter,  evidence of the elements on which your allegations are based. Failure to do so, a legal action will be taking against you according to the law'.

The DG of CNPS is the first on the list of the 27 Director Generals involved to react. But the big question is: what is he afraid of? That this information will be used against him in his pending Fiscal Fraud and Embezzlement allegations ongoing at the Special Criminal Court or what?.

This same DG, Noel Alain Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame, was the one, whose employment contract leaked in May this year, with the contract showing a Gross Salary of 500 000  F CFA,  with utility allowances of 800 000 F CFA, and the other monthly allowances, which is quite possible that his monthly salary is 11 million francs or more, because it was alleged he earned more than his master President Paul Biya of Etoudi.

See his threat letter below.

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