Thursday, 13 July 2017

Brenda Biya Cracks Social Media Again With Yet Another Palaverous But Reasonable Post.

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Cameroon's First Daughter Brenda Anastasie Biya, who while complaining of being a victim of racism in the US last year, revealed that she spent more than 200 000 F CFA a day for her taxi from her home to her school in the University of California, has tweeted about Cameroonians who go to big shopping Complex to buy imported products.
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The First Daughter wrote: " There are people who believe that going to Casino, Super U and others only to imported products, is to be rich".

Poverty intellect.

Though her tweet is sounds reasonable, Cameroonians think she is too loud for a First Daughter, as she is the only First Daughter making headlines on both the national and international media.

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