Monday, 31 July 2017

AZUSA Pacific University In The US Says Mayor EKEMA Patrick Has Never Been Its Student On Or Offline, Which Means His PHD Is Fake

The Azusa University in the US, has just confirmed that Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge has never been their student online or offline, and that his name does not figure anywhere in the school registration history.

Replying to Mark Bareta in an email of today July 31st 2017, Maureen TaylorAssociate Vice President for External Affairs for Azusa Pacific University, where the ILLITERATE gentleman claimed to have obtained an Honorary PHD in Public Administration, said they searched their archives starting from 1950 till 2017, and they found no student with the name EKEMA Patrick ESUNGE.

Worse of all, the University says Ekema Patrick mispelled the its name, which is Azusa Pacific University, not Asuza Pacific University as the ILLITERATE SCHOOL HEADMASTER wrote in his card.

The email reads: 

Good day, everyone.

Apologies for the delayed response as these new inquiries only came to my attention on Friday. Dr. Leo Eko, a professor at Texas Tech and a Cameroonian, reached out over the July 4th holiday about this same issue.

As I shared with him, I inquired with the Office of the President about this matter. Consulting records that date back to 1950, it appears that Mr. Ekema Patrick Esunge has not received an honorary degree from our university. Further, a Ph.D. is an earned degree, not honorary. Finally, he has misspelled the university’s name on his business cards.

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