Sunday, 16 July 2017

Another Military Tragedy Hits Cameroon! BIR Military Ship Sinks And All 40 Persons On Board Feared Dead Including Lieutenant Colonel Moussa

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A Ship transporting elements of the Rapid Intervention Squad(BIR) sank this morning and all 40 men on board are feared dead.

Apart from the 40 BIR elements on board, the boat was equally transporting 5 military trucks with military equipment and were heading to Bakassi.

Among those missing is Lieutenant Colonel Moussa who was recently appointed Commander of the 2nd Order BIR DELTA , and whose body is still to be found.

Meanwhile a search team is currently in the deep seas, trying to fish out the bodies.

Wagging tongues say the Ship's life span had already expired, and that maintenance period is long over due.

We await government's communication for details.

Source: Boris Bertolt

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