Wednesday, 26 July 2017

America Refutes Rumours It Has Withdrawn Military Support From Cameroon Due To Amnesty International's Reports On Alleged Torture Of Boko Haram Suspects

America Refutes Rumours It Has Withdrawn Military Support From Cameroon Due To Amnesty International's  Reports On Alleged Torture Of Boko Haram Suspects 

Following Amnesty International's recent report on how Cameroonian soldiers tortures alleged Boko Haram suspects in their custody, and on US guarded posts, many internet users came up with stories on how America has withdrawn its military support from Cameroon because according to them, they don't condone with inhumanity.

This information has been refuted by the US Department of State, in a clarification over Radio France Internationale. However, the Department of State acknowledged they wrote to Amnesty International on July 11 2017, 'replying to a letter from Amnesty International's Regional Office, where the US Ambassador to Cameroon in Yaounde stated that the American government had previously suspended support to some Cameroonian forces, due to the violation of human rights'.

According to RFI, in-house sources at the Cameroon Ministry of Defense revealed the support the American government said they suspended from the Cameroon armed forces was 'when they banned some Cameroonian soldiers from being trained in the US' . 

RFI further reported that the Department of State also indicated that the American army continues to train Cameroon units,  deemed eligible for security assistance in Cameroon, which according to an important precision, are against procedures in accordance with a law prohibiting the State Department and the  Department of Defense to provide military assistance to any foreign army which violates human rights.

300 American soldiers have been stationed in Garoua, in the Northern Region of Cameroon since October 2015. They provide training assistance and logistic equipments to the Cameroonian Army in the fight against Boko Haram.

Meanwhile the Cameroon Government considers Amnesty International and its numerous reports condemning the Cameroonian army as a defense force for the deadly Boko Haram sect, and says Amnesty's objectives are to destroy and destabilize the operational offensive measures taken by Cameroon to destroy this deadly sect.

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