Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Vatican Says President Biya And Cameroon Must Tell Them What Killed The Bishop Of Bafia, Before He Will Be Buried

The funeral programme for the late Bishop of Bafia initially scheduled for today Wednesday June 14 2017 has been cancelled and postponed indefinitely, following Vatican's request that Biya and his Cameroon  provides details of what truly happened to the Prelate.

The Holy See wants to know the truth, the circumstances leading to the assassination of the late Prelate and the ins and outs of this villainous and heinous crime.

With this,  Vatican puts President Biya in a tight corner, since he is the Head of State of Cameroon and according to the constitution, it is his duty to monitor and ensure the internal and external security of the country.

According to Vincent Sosthene Fouda, President of the Cameroon Social Democratic Movement, dissing this information, the funeral programme of the late Prelate will continuously be postponed, until Vatican receives a satisfying report.

The Catholic church has already lost 4  Bishops in Africa who were all assassinated, with 3 of them from Cameroom, and Cardinal Emile Biayenda from Congo Brazaville, who was executed on March 23rd 1977, after the assassination of Marien Ngoabi, former President of the Republic of Congo on March 18 1977

1n 1983, Bishop Jean Nkunu of Mbalmayo was assassinated. On the 3rd of September 1991, His Lordship Emeritus Archbishop  Yves Plume of Garoua was assassinated, and recently on June 2nd 2017, Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala of Bafia, was brutally murdered.

Sosthene Fouda condemned this act, and call on all Cameroonians to be conscious so as to avoid what happened in Burundi in 1996.

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