Thursday, 29 June 2017

University Of Buea Student Murders Girlfriend For Dumping Him

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Buea has been in a state of shock and confusion since the lifeless body of a certain Elise Adele was discovered on Tuesday June 27th 2017. Elise had gone missing since Sunday June 25 2017,  and first diagnosis revealed she was strangled to death

Sources say on the night of Sunday June 25th 2017, at about 10:55 p.m, her killer and supposed lover whose Facebook Id reads Six Pasu No Sēji posted photos of them on his profile with the cation RIP, without the girl's family having any clue of what was going on with her.

Friends of killers  seeing RIP on his Facebook page, began questioning him, but helas, he was no longer responding. Curiosity warranted a search for Elise, but she was nowhere to be found, even though had killer had already written RIP on her photos on his profile.

It was only on Tuesday June 27  2017, that her body was discovered beside their family residence in the Bakweri town neighborhood of Buea lying face down.

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A witness by name David Miyenga said he was the last of her close relatives to have seen the late Elise Adele at about 8:30 p.m on that fateful Sunday in a dark corner of their neighborhood, some 50 m from their house, in the company of a man that he says he couldnot make out, due to the darkness. David said he passed and went 1 m further from them and on returning at 9:45 p.m they were no longer on that spot, and he did not bother him to ask questions. According to him, the man who was with the late Elise has been someone wanting to date her for long, and who could no longer resist the fact that she kept putting him off.

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The killer himself under his profile  name Six Pasu No Sēji lamenting and confessing that  that his name was not Amel Bilo, but Betchem Armel Ghizlain, and that he had never been violent towards Elise, nor did he never planned to kill her, and that he had always loved and still loves her after five years of friendship and one year in a relationship. He asked if he was a monster killer without conscience, that he has been contemplating of  killing himself and taking his life away, since he never wanted things to happen the way it did. 'Even though everyone is saying all sorts of things about me, but none of you know whether it was accidental or voluntary? Do you know whether I had it all or not? Do you know if we were in love? Do you know if I am crying? If I hate muself for it? No, no one cares about all that". He lamented.

Betchem Armel Ghizlain was caught around the Muea Court road, as he was trying to escape, and he has has told the Police that the lady, Ekalle Elise Adele, 24, died of Cardiac arrest last Sunday June 25, 2017.

The 23 years late Elise Adele was a final student in the Linguistics Department of the University of Buea.

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