Thursday, 22 June 2017

Tear Gas And Gunshots Thundering The Town Of Kumbo As Denizens March To Put Police Station On Fire Following Continuous ILLEGAL Arrest

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Early morning reports today say there has been unrest in the town of Kumbo, in the Bui Division of the North West Region of the country.

Sources very close to the situation explain that Police had been in the search of an SCNC Activist (Name withheld) who hoisted the SCNC flag in Tobin last week for some time now.

Yesterday they met the said Activist at Njaynyuy (kumbo) motor park and upon questioning him, he slipped away and escaped. The police then arrested a couple of people including a breastfeeding mum from the market stall where the Activist had been.

This morning the baby was crying profusely and the police refused to let the mother breastfeed her so someone alerted the people, and they massively turned out and went to the police station to free those arrested ILLEGALLY, but they were met with tear gas canisters and reports of live Bullets.

The irate crowd consisting Okada men.. ( motorcycle taxi's).. friends and family of the said woman retaliated with stones and have blocked the road from Tobin to Mbve.

Some even went to the GCE Center and tried to disrupt but we're met with Tear gas canisters and Live Bullets. They went to the SDO (Admistrator) to seek redress and the BIG MAN's office says he can only address then at 3:30 PM (CAT).

A law enforcement vehicle was vandalized by the irate crowd but there's no report of any other casualty but the "Unrest" is continuing people are continuing to flock to Tobin from satellite towns to demand for the release of those unlawfully arrested and detained.

Tear gas is still being fired as at press time and the crowds aren't giving up just yet. We hope situation doesn't escalate.

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