Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Tchoutang Bernard Says Samuel Eto'o Bewitched Joseph Desire Job During the 2000 CAN To Take His Place During the 2000 CAN

Former Indomitable Lion striker Tchoutang Bernard  has revealed that  Samuel Eto'o Fils bewitched Joseph Desire Job, during the 2000 African Cup of Nation that took place in Nigeria and Ghana.

Invited to 'Le Vestiaire' a programme aired on SFR Sport, the former Lion  was telling  his hosts  fantastic moments he shared with colleagues during the 2000 AFCON, citing how Samuel Eto'o bewitched Joseph Desire Job to take his place in the competition among other subjects.

According to the Tchoutang, Samuel Eto'o was not among those who were listed to play on that day. While they were having breakfast in the morning, he came to the restaurant to meet them when they were already on the table, since he is always the last to join them during breakfast.

When he came, he did not greet anyone, but walked straight to Job, and greeted only him.

After breakfast, they were all set to leave for the stadium, but Job was no where to be found inside their bus. After minutes of waiting, they decided to check in his room, and found that he had developed a sudden severe stomach ache. 

He could not join them for the match, and Samuel Eto'o was used to replace him during the match that saw him carried the title of 'Best Scorer'. 

Tchoutang further explained how Eto'o stretched forth his hands to greet Ndefi Pius the next day, but the Ndefi was smart enough to have rejected his handshake, for fear that what happened to Joseph Desire Job might happen to him.

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