Tuesday, 13 June 2017

TB Joshua And South African Snake Pastor Penuel Mnguni In Spiritual Tricks. Video

The South African Pastor Penuel Mngugi of End Time Disciples Ministries, popularly known as the 'snake pastor' who once drove his car over his church members, fed them with live snakes, gave them Brazilian hair to eat, made them take off their cloths in church and even used loudspeaker to climb on their chests to deliver them is making headlines, after his appearance on Emmanual TV  on Sunday June 4th 2017, where according to him, he went for fellowship, but was tricked by the man in the synagogue TB Joshua.

Penuel Mnguni at the Synagogue Church of all Nations in Nigeria.

During his visit to SCOAN, he explained why he had fed his congregants live snakes. Mnguni, who described himself as an “overseer” of his church, said he had misinterpreted the Bible, and did what he thought was scriptural at the time.

It was after watching TB Joshua on TV that he realised what he was doing was wrong. He said he went to Nigeria to seek deliverance from the prophet.
Now he has come out saying he had to say all of that because he feared for his safety in Nigeria.
He told Daily Sun he did not know he would be “forced” to speak in front of people. Mnguni claimed he was invited to the church, and only went there for “worship” and not deliverance, but was shocked when on arrival, “those people” took his passport and ID and threatened not to give them back unless he did whatever they wanted.
It was as if everything was planned before I even got there. If you listen to the video, I am not the one saying those words. There is a woman next to me who is forcefully telling me what to say,” Daily Sun quoted him as saying.
From watching and listening to the video, it seems the pastor’s claim is right, as a woman can be heard saying the exact same things he says.

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