Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Plots By Marafa's Notary And A Group Of Other Individuals To Destabilize Cameroon And Dethrone Biya Uncovered

Aboubakary Sidiki Bouba, a political opposition was auditioned on the 9th of August 2014, by the Security Services of the country for his involvement in a plot to destabilize Cameroon. During his audition, he cited the name of Barrister Abdoulaye Harissou, Notary of  former Minister Marafa Hamidou Yaya, who is in jail. 

Barrister Harrisou was arrested on August 27th, 2014, as an accomplice in the plot to destabilize and rebel against Cameroon from the Central African Republic.

Sidiki Bouba had told Barrister Harrisou that he was looking for someone to help his friend Minister Marafa, finalize an ongoing project. The two men met  in the Douala Sawa Hotel in 2013, to first of all, look for Nigerian and Malian witch doctors to help Marafa Hamidou Yaya, out of  jail. 

One of Barrister Harissou's client Alhadji Biri who is based in Bangui, and who is also involved in the plot brought in another proposal concerning the court case of Marafa.  He said they should contact Michel Am Nondokro Djotodia, who is the Chief of Seleka, and former President of the Central African Republic, to intervene for Marafa. 

Intermediaries were also involved, and whose roles were to be securing the frequent telephone conversations of Alhadji Biri and Harissou, to the extend that Barrister Harissou took precautionary measures against those who were not interested in constantly changing their telephone sim cards, until February 2014, when Alhadi Biri and Barrister Harissou fell out, and their secrets leaked. 

Barrister Harrissou got some insider information that he was being monitored by the State Security Services because of his involvement as an accomplice in a plan to destabilize and rebel against the State, through military attack  from the Eastern Region.  

Even after being hinted that he was being monitored, Barrister Abdoulaye Harissou did not deemed it necessary to clean himself and prove his innocence to the same insider networks who told him it had been discovered he was involved   in the terrorist attacks perpetrated in the borders of East Cameroon.

His silence justified the notions of his complicity in the acts of rebellion against Cameroon, and he implicated himself even more, by  contacting Amnesty International, claiming to be a victim of his country Cameroon that does not respect human rights.

It should be noted that Barrister  Abdoulaye Harissou, Aboubakary Sidiki Bouba, have been sued at the Yaounde Military Court and are being charged for 'murder, illegal detention of war arm, hostility against the Republic of Cameroon and towards the Head of State. 

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