Monday, 19 June 2017

Meet The Demon Behind Charlotte Dipanda's Lesbian Scandal

As reported last week, the Cameroonian Slow Diva Charlotte Dipanda was in the heat of a fake lesbianisscandal, and even though we explained that the lady with her on the many intimate photos circulating online was her niece, haters do not still believe it was just a cooked up story to sabotage the slow Queen, since she or  her Communication person has not gone public with any disclaimer.

Verified information say the main culprit behind the scandal is none other than Geneva based Cameroonian music Promoter  Nlend Armand of Groupe Phoenix, who thought he could make up a story about the artist, and use it to his personal gain. It was revealed that Nlend Armand paid a huge sum of money to one Simon Pierre Okeng, to put up the story on social media.

"Mr. Nlend Armand gave me a huge sum of money, and I accepted, not knowing that the scandal will take a different turn". Simon Pierre confided.

Reasons Behind The Sabotage

Even though Simon Pierre Okeng did not reveal what Nlend Armand's intentions were when they took to partnership to sabotage Charlotte, sources say the Geneva based Cameroonian Music Promoter Nlend Armand contacted the diva to perform in his sponsored event titled 'Afrikanzik' (African Music Festival) coming up on the 1st and 2nd of July 2017. Knowing her present will pull him crowd, he decided to make up the whole story, believing that Charlotte's fans will massively turn up for the event to sympathize with her following the scandal.

The event that features big names like Daphne, Lady Ponce, Defao, Sam Mbende, Eddy Kenzo, Mister Leo, Singuila, Zouk Machine, Thierry Cham, etc... will take place in Geneva  Arena Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland from the 1st 
to the 3rd of July 2017  It is said that many Promoters use such tricks to pull crowds to their events.

Since neither Charlotte nor her Communication rep has officially made any public outing regarding this, we cannot tell whether or not she was aware of this or whether she is a part of it.

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