Wednesday, 28 June 2017

'JUSTICE Is All We Want' Arch-Bishop Samuel Kleda Frowns As He Speaks In An Interview Over RFI Concerning Bishop Bala'a Assassination

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The Catholic church in Cameroon has become vocally loud than usual, following the merciless killing of the Bishop of Bafia, among other religious officials recently in Cameroon.

Frowning bitterly over Radio France Internationale (RFI) during an interview  this Wednesday June 28 2017, the Chief Shepherd of the Catholic Church in Cameroon Samuel Kleda in his double capacity as Archbishop of the Douala Metropolitan and President of the Cameroon Episcopal Council insisted that the Catholic church MUST to know everything concerning the death of His Lordship Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala because the church is being persecuted.

Monsignor Kleda expressed his disappointment over the darkness that looms in investigations relating to the killings of religious officials, without any light being shed as to who perpetrates such heinous crimes, and insisted  JUSTICE is all what the church wants.

Below is a translated except of the interview.

RFI: It'is exactly 26 days now since the lifeless body of Bishop Bala was pulled out from the waters of the Sanaga. Do you have an update of the investigation?

Mgr Kleda : I can't say the investigation has advanced, because we haven't received any up date yet.

RFI  : Have you received a copy of the autopsy?

Mgr Kleda : No, not yet. We are still waiting for the results. We hope the investigators are working on it

RFI : On what basis did the Episcopal conference conclude that Bishop Bala  that he was murdered? 

Mgr Kleda : Visibly from his body, you will see that he was not drowned. We said His Lordship Bishop Bala was brutally assassinated because after his disappearance, rumors quickly went round as if he killed himself. And then there was this note in his car. It was shocking to us. When we discovered that it was an assassination, it is still brutal. It is the same violence

RFI  : There was a  note in his car 'I am in the water'. Was it his writing ?

Mgr Kleda :It is very difficult to say it was truly his writing or not. 

RFI : Do you think that the Catholic Church in Cameroon is being targeted following the death of Bishop Bala ?

Mgr Kleda : Of course, because it is not the first case. What is disturbing is that many religious officials have been assassinated and no light has ever been shed. It is a serious problem. We said the church in Cameroon is being persecuted through its officials.

RFI : The killings of religious officials that you have enumerated since the 80's are they political crimes or crimes relating to secret societies ?

Mgr Kleda :At the moment, it is very difficult to point either here or there.  

RFI : Are you angry?

Mgr Kleda : At this moment YES, but I have no hatred in it. What we want is JUSTICE. As Christians, we have prayed for the killers. However we need JUSTICE. Anyone who commits a crime must answer for it.

RFI : Is this the height of the killings? 

Mgr Kleda : Sure. Because it is like killing a Bishop means nothing. Besides, His Lordship Bala is not someone who had enemies. He is was very calm pastor reason why we are asking why he was killed. 

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